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Benzyme Ventures is an innovative non-profit organization formed to provide support and guidance to bioscience enthusiasts.

  • Support and Guidance from Experts
  • Culture of Empowerment in Research
  • Networking the Global Bio Community

We hope to connect the gap between academia and industry, and empower budding researchers by providing the necessary skills and networking opportunities.


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To empower next-generation scientists and Biotech entrepreneurs
To develop research skills and scientific communication of undergraduates
Bio community to share knowledge and experience
Educating young biologists
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Our Vision

To empower next-generation bioscience scientists and biotech entrepreneurs by developing ideas through networking and collaboration

Our Mission

To build a biotech community enabling idea generation and personal development through cross border networking. Further encouraging and empowering emerging scientists to build an entrepreneurial mindset through interaction with industry experts

Our Goals

1. Creating a scientific network for bioscience enthusiasts

2. Improving employability skills such as leadership, communication, team work and project management

3. Developing entrepreneurial mindsets of bioscience enthusiasts

4. Elevating the bioscience research output, innovation and creativity in the bioscience community

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Our Team

Cris Silva

Founder & Chief Executive Officer MSc Candidate and Researcher

Osadi Chamika

Chief Operating Officer Undergraduate - University of Colombo

Yohan Fernando

Project coordinator Undergraduate - University of Peradeniya

Miuli Kalubowila

Project coordinator Business Analyst by Profession

Janith K Chathuranga

Project Development Coordinator Undergraduate - University of Colombo

Nimesha Edirisinghe

Project Manager Undergraduate - University of Colombo

Moksha Thisarani

Web Developer Undergraduate - University of Moratuwa

Sanduni Arunodi

Project coordinator Undergraduate - University of Kelaniya


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Gene Therapy: A new approach to treating diseases

Reshani Perera

Undergraduate - University of Peradeniya

Bioremediation and oil spills

Sureshni Fernando

Undergraduate - Business Management School

Advances Towards the Development of Small-molecule Antiviral Therapeutics-Part 1

Krishani Perera

Graduate Student - Kansas State University

Let’s conquer our statistics anxiety!

Buddika Patalee

PhD in Agricultural Economics

An mRNA Vaccine against SARS-CoV-2- Preliminary report

Naemi Shadipeni

Graduate Student - Kansas State University


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